Hi, my name is Rui. I'm a software developer. I like working on full stack web development, devops, performance testing, and cybersecurity.


cyoa: Choose your own Adventure creater/player

  • Using: Sveltekit, Cloudflare Pages, SQLite, Cloudflare R2, Fastify
  • Demo Code
  • Built UI using sveltkit + pixi.js to render decision graph
  • Implemented storing audio and image files to show during adventure
  • Social auth login with stateless sessions
  • Deployed to Cloudflare R2 + Pages + PM2 w/ Github Actions

kimosabe: self moderating social network for LFG in co-op games

  • Using: React, Redux, PostgreSQL, Redis/RediSearch, Spring Boot
  • Code
  • RediSearch for fuzzy searching/autocompletion
  • Spring-Boot API with Sessions
  • Uses IGDB database for game data
  • User registration auth through email
  • persistent state from localstorage

fserv: webapp for account-based file hosting

  • Using: Golang, HTML+CSS, PostgreSQL
  • Code
  • encoded shortened URLs (like imgur)
  • Private/public files
  • Overview page that allows editing
  • User accounts with JWT Authentication

Matrix Calculator: SPA for matrix operations

  • Using: React, Redux, Typescript
  • Demo Code
  • Supports RREF, Multiply, Transpose
  • Using Material-UI react components
  • Basic support for symbolic algebra
  • Responsive UI

T3D: pseudo-3D raycasted tower defense game

  • Using: Java
  • Code
  • Pathfinding AI
  • Textured walls/ceilings
  • Animated sprites
  • Level editing software available